Growth in student population

Population growth and increased demand for certain degrees results in increased demand for laboratory use.

Limited real estate

Real estate and capital works are great expenses for university. In a built-up city, new construction may simple be impossible.

New courses

Rapid scientific and technological progress results in new areas of knowledge for students to learn. This may necessitate the need for new courses, with new requirements for practical learning.

ObsolescenceObsolete computer that was once "State of the Art".

Modern equipment, such as computers and embedded devices, are being continuously superseded and replaced with newer technologies. This may necessitate frequent replacement of such equipment to ensure that the students’ knowledge remains relevant to current technological trends. The need for frequent upgrades and replacement can be a significant expense.

Maintenance costsRemote Labs cannot get messy like traditional labs

Laboratories often require maintenance to deal with natural wear and tear, accidental damage or vandalism.





Declining public funding

Countries with publicly funded [socialised] education systems, such as Australia, have seen massive funding cuts to tertiary education.